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Love Thy Neighbor

Every day, each and every one of us can stand up against racial prejudice and intolerant attitudes. Let’s build a world beyond racism and discrimination, where we all exercise our human rights. It is time that “love thy neighbor” becomes more than a commandment; but also a commitment. It is important to stand up against racism, no matter how subtle or overt the behavior may be. Take the NO RACISM Pledge and join us as we launch a series of community conversations and actions.

Take the Pledge

I, (Full Name), take the NO RACISM Pledge as a commitment to spread love, not hate. I stand united with all my neighbors across Greater Montgomery and the River Region as we strive to build a better and stronger community. I pledge to:

  • Love first.
  • Recognize my personal biases and their influences on my decisions.
  • Call out racism in my personal and professional environments.
  • Teach my kids and love ones to love everyone.
  • Engage in positive ways to combat discrimination in your community.
  • Create safe spaces for candid and productive conversations about race.
  • Commit to building sincere friendships across racial lines.


I will use my power and influence to promote a NO RACISM culture.

    Join the Conversations

    We are launching a series of podcasts and community conversations on building stronger relationships across the aisles of our differences. We would love to have you join us. Subscribe below to receive information about the podcast and upcoming events.